Elegance is an extremely sturdy product with a weight bearing capacity of 350 kgs making it best for Bariatric Surgery. It has a multipurpose utility and can be used for neuro, spine, cardiac, urology, vascular, and orthopaedic surgeries. It is an electro hydraulic system made from import quality raw materials. The smooth working of this product reduces maintenance to a great extent.

Special Features

1. Imported Electro Hydraulic System Advantage of Electro Hydraulic: Weight bearing capacity of 350 kgs and ultra low height

2. Two way operated: Electric and Battery

3. Mattress made in P.U. Material

4. Conceal imported P.U. central lock castors

5. Electrical remote operated power brakes

6. In built battery backup with recharging circuit

7. Electrical override panel fitted in up and down column cover

8. Heavy and big cord remote

9. Safety protection device incorporated

10. Stainless steel 304 grade 10SWG (3MM) heavy base cover

11. Sealed bottom prevents water and dust from entering inside

12. Imported up and down columns (Made in Heavy Steel Material)

13. Table top is made out of strong radiolucent Material compatible for 'C' arm

14. All stainless steel material is 304 grade

15. The entire top is constructed out of 10SWG (3MM) square pipe

16. Safety locks incorporated in the side rails

17. Electro Hydraulic Systems : Cylinders, Motor and Pump with oil tank, Hose, Solinoid Valve, controller, Handset, Override Panel, Cable are all imported

18. Best for Bariatric, Nuero, Spine, Cardiac, Cancer, Laparoscopy, Urology, and Replacement

19. Multipurpose Surgical Table that can be used in all surgeries