Professional and standardized LED Lights designed in-house considering the need for all major surgeries


LED Compass is high precision LED lights that gives maximum visibility to the human anatomical structure and its components without any glare. It's stable illumination enables it to be utilized for a long time without drop in its intensity. The Hybrid LED technology in Compass minimizes heat emissions from the light and protects the patient's sensitive body parts and wounds from getting damaged during the surgery. LED Compass has excellent dilution effect compared to any other medical illuminations and gives depth of illumination without the need to refocus. This helps in complex surgeries with deep and narrow wounds.

FLOWER 400+400

Flower 400 + 400 is a perfect minor surgery LED light with advance shadow less effect and adjustable pattern size. It has a stable illumination system that makes it safe to use for longer durations as well. The cooling technology minimizes the heat emissions produced under heavy lighting and long duration utility. It doesn't affect the patient's wounds or body. It consists of a synchronized intuitive control panel that enables change in colour temperature, indicated light change and focal size change.