Considering the varied requirements of surgeons, we have designed and developed a range of robust and specialized OT tables useful for various surgeries.

Elegance (Electro Hydraulic)

Elegance is an extremely sturdy product with a weight bearing capacity of 350 kgs making it best for Bariatric Surgery. It has a multipurpose utility and can be used for neuro, spine, cardiac, urology, vascular, and orthopaedic surgeries. It is an electro hydraulic system made from import quality raw materials. The smooth working of this product reduces maintenance to a great extent.

Pride.10 (Electro Mechanical)

Pride is a high precision, functional and most efficient product for super specialty surgeries. It can be utilized for complex surgeries like neuro, spine, cardiac, urology, vascular, and orthopaedic surgeries.

Harmony+ (Electro Mechanical)

This is an electro mechanical product with imported castor wheels. It has multipurpose utility and can be used for multiple surgeries in small nursing homes as well as large hospitals. This product can be operated electrically. If the cord remote stops working, it can be operated using electrical override panel. The surgeon can also lock a particular position of the surgical table with the help of the panel.

Surgi-Star (Electro Mechanical)

Surgi-Star is a highly functional electro mechanical product that can be best utilized for gynaecology, and laparoscopy as well as all general surgeries. Made from stainless steel base cover and electrical actuator system, Surgi-Star is the highest grade product available in this range in the market.


Marvel is a manually functioning product. It comes with high quality, standard accessories that can be utilized for various surgeries. It is a cost effective, robust product with high stability and low maintenance.